At PowerPac, we aim to provide food factories with both male and female production workers on a short term and an on-going basis. We have experience in numerous types of factories, producing a wide variety of products e.g. burgers, ready meals, ducks, chickens, eggs, etc. All of our workers would have previous food factory experience so time spent on training should be quiet minimal. Our clients access our workforce for numerous reasons and they may be required for a number of reasons:

To add to their existing team, to help out during busy days and to cover holidays or sick leave

Seasonal – workers are needed for a specific period due to an increase in volume of trade

The main advantage to using our service is that our people are only used as and when they are needed given the factories savings in labour cost and flexibility on production depending on level of business and orders.


Our cold store workers are provided on an on-going basis where we provide teams to handle a wide variety of frozen and chill products.

Our clients have preference of our cold store service on a booking of loads plan or as we have done in the past, take ownership of a particular project or product. This would apply to high volumes where we would agree a monthly rate and provide whatever labour was required.

All our workers have the necessary certificates to undertake this type of work e.g. manual handling.


To complement our cold storage service we provide experienced Fork Lift and Reach truck drivers. These workers would be experienced in the skill of loading and unloading of Lorries as well as working in the chills and taking in and out pallets of product. All of our drivers have valid licences and would practice a high standard of health and safety at work procedures.